Dear Tammy and Robert,

First of all, please accept my sincere regrets for getting this to you so late. With 2 year old twins, and a high schooler on the way to college life gets pretty hectic around the Reynolds home. It’s the reason this letter is so late, but it’s also the reason we were so excited to get an invitation to Costa Rica last October. It was my first trip using a travel planner so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Usually I plan all our vacations and I’m a bit of a control freak so it made me a little nervous not to have done it all myself. Additionally, I am used to traveling with friends and family so taking a trip with complete strangers (except for you and Rob) was a bit of a stretch for me. Well, I was pleasantly surprised when before we even landed we met others who were on our same journey. I was also pleasantly surprised when we landed. The travel arrangements to our first night’s hotel were perfect. The wide open tour bus windows gave us a perfect view of the country side. Stopping at the local store on the way was great too! It really gave me a chance to feel like I was getting to see the “Real” Costa Rica and not just the tourist-driven “dressed up” parts. By the time we made it to our first destination I was already relaxing. Who could have guessed the day would be topped off with an even deeper relaxing soak in a mineral water spring naturally heated by volcano!! It was breath taking to say the least. And the impromptu storm was like something from a romance novel.  I was up first thing the next morning to enjoy the early outdoor yoga. As I waited for the yoga instructor I enjoyed the beauty of the exotic flowers surrounding the spa. Watched and listed as the birds played and sang their morning songs. I breathed in the fragrances of the jasmine and ginger flowers as the dew settled on my skin. It was perfect! The yoga instructor was accommodating and the movements were fluid and respectful. I’ll never forget her saying “feel how grateful your body is for the stretch”.  She was right. Since the twins had been born, I hadn’t taken much personal quiet time to reflect and take care of myself. This was the get-away I needed. The rest of the week was fast and fabulous. I met amazing people and developed lasting friendships. My hubby caught a tasty mahi mahi fish which we all ate (yum), we played with monkeys, made raw sugar and floated on the river with crocodiles and exotic birds! From the beautiful relaxing ocean skylines and reflexology massages to crashing my ATV into a dirt bank (score!)- The vacation is one I will never forget! Obviously we are back into our hectic routine and I don’t have much free time. In fact I’m supposed to be working while I type this, but I can’t let another day go by without taking the time to thanking you and Robert.  Thank you so much for helping create such beautiful memories. Here’s to a healthy and prosperous new year for you and Robert and to Elite Travel. You’re the BEST!!!


Ericka Reynolds

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